Our vehicle fleet consists of 20 refrigerated semi-trailers, 20 tent flatbed semi-trailers and 10 car carrier trailers.

We renew our truck fleet regularly. Our goal is to have trucks that are 2-3 years old on average.   

The current average of our truck fleet is 3.26 years.

Our fleet was renewed greatly in 2021. The renewal did not result in great increase of the fleet, but we are proud of having purchased 17 brand-new trucks. The total value of the new trucks is over EUR 1,200,000.

We plan to continue the renewal of our fleet and to expand it to 60-65 vehicles in 2022. The total amount of investment planned for 2022 is EUR 2,200,000. This investment will enable us to reduce the average age of our trucks to 2.7 years.

At Emex Logistics, we are greatly concerned about prevention and reduction of environment pollution. As it is one of our priorities, we invest in acquisition of new trucks that are more eco-friendly. Besides, every driver is trained to drive using eco-driving techniques to minimise air pollution. We also use shipping services greatly to minimise CO2 emissions.